Voletude is an Aerospace Acquisitions Firm dedicated to delivering Procurement and Life Cycle Support Solutions to meet our clients' needs.  Acting as a Trusted Agent to Federal, State, and Local Governments as well as Commercial Agencies, we represent Organizations seeking New and Upgraded Aerospace Solutions.  

Depending upon your buying power, we will show you how your organization can save millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars...GUARANTEED!

We provide a host of Analytical Reports, Acquisition Documentation, Intergrated Product Team Services, Flight Certification and Validation and Verification Expertise.

One of our analytical products was recently awarded the Air 4.0 Engineering Excellence Award and was selected for the NAVAIR Commander's Award.

We are steeped in a wide variety of Subject Matter Expertise to assist with your aerospace related needs from concept to delivery to life cycle support. Further, we are loaded with recognized Project Management, Analytical, Systems Engineering, Logistical and Validation and Verification (V&V) processes.

Professional 21st century organizations can no longer procure sophisticated systems in a stovepipe environment.

Trade Studies offers Analytical Products and Services to meet an Exponentially Technical World. Here, Our Client's can leverage our Analytical Tools to make a Positive Impact upon their Team and Organization.

Our first major product SSCOTS has delivered! SSCOTS provides our clients with instantaneous off the shelf Aerospace Related Products and Services.


  • An Acquisition Consulting Firm
  • Centered on Aerospace Products and Services
  • From Concept to Delivery to Life Cycle Support
  • Serving as a Trusted Agent

Products and Services

  • Providing Risk Based Analytical Solutions
  • Building Acquisition Documentation
  • Executing Project Management Services
  • Designing System Engineering Processes

Become a Client

  • Promising a Long Term Partnership
  • Increasing your Capabilities
  • Augmenting your Technical Team with SMEs
  • Working to Meet Your Strategic Goals

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